Using Two Electronic Devices At Once Can Actually Get You High

You know how mom always used to say that too much TV will melt your brain?

Well -- surprise, surprise -- she was right, as always. (Love you, Mom!)

According to researchers from the University of Copenhagen, staring at screens -- specifically, switching our focus between screens like an iPhone and TV -- “rewire[s] the brain and lower[s] our IQ.”

When we switch our focus from one screen to the next, for some reason, our brains are prompted to produce dopamine -- the same chemical released when we do certain drugs.

The researchers note "two screening" essentially has the same effect on our brain as smoking marijuana but (unfortunately) without the same type of high.

The two-screen effect, however, is “worse than being stoned,” according to the researchers.

They concluded,

Our brains could, thanks to our reliance [on] and overuse of technology, be heading for the scrap heap.

Bummer, man.

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