Michigan Frat And Sorority Cause Over $430,000 In Damages At A Resort

A vacation should be a time to relax and unwind, but this one ended in serious consequences for a fraternity and a sorority from the University of Michigan.

The Detroit Free Press reports the university will no longer recognize Sigma Alpha Mu as a student organization after the fraternity and its fellows caused an estimated $430,000 in damages to 45 rooms at the Treetops Resort during a January 17 to 18 stay.

After being warned of noise complaints by fellow residents, a wild party resulted in the visiting undergraduates being escorted off the resort property by Michigan State Police.

According to the resort, the 120 students staying at the Gaylord, Michigan ski resort ripped doors out of frames, smashed ceiling tiles with a bat and urinated on the carpet.

The University of Michigan will maintain Sigma Alpha Mu's period of separation for four years, ceasing all recruitment and activities.

Instead, the fraternity brothers will take part in extensive community service efforts while paying the resort for damage caused.

However, Treetops' manager, Barry Owens, since made statements hinting his business has seen pushback from the fraternity when it comes to paying the bills.

Spokeswoman Susan Wilcox Olson told press Sigma Alpha Mu denied its responsibility to pay for renovations.

Owens added, "It also has become evident that the fraternity representatives have suggested that they are unwilling to pay for the damage that they caused the resort."

And while Sigma Alpha Mu faces the worst punishment, its fellow Greek organizations won't get off scot-free.

The Free Press reports the university mandated a two-year suspension for Sigma Delta Tau sorority, while two other sororities and two fraternities received written warnings for around $30,000 of damages caused to the Boyne Highlands Resort on a separate trip.

Both resort staff and police continue to investigate the disastrous Treetops party.

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