These Tween Hip-Hop Dancers Have More Swag Than You Ever Will (Video)

Choreographer Matt Steffanina has a knack for propelling talented kids to fame.

First, there was Taylor Hatala, the 11-year-old Internet sensation best known for her dope dances to "Anaconda" and "All About That Bass."

Next up are 11-year-old Bailey Sok and 12-year-old Kenneth San Jose.

The California-based duo, trained by Steffanina, was filmed breaking it down to Meek Mill's “Monster,” looking every bit as cool as you've come to expect from the choreographer's crew.

Bailey's mom reports the tiny dancer has trained with a handful of choreographers (you can see some of her other dance videos here), but is taking time off from dancing to brush up on her golf game.

I don't know what her putting skills are like, but her hip-hop talent is way above par.

Check out the video up top, and see Steffanina's other stars in the making here.

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