Tiny Dog Helps Save Dog Friend Who Got Stuck In A Ditch For 18 Hours

Once you've earned a dog's friendship, you've got it for life.

It's no secret that canines are fiercely loyal, but it's still hard not to be moved by a story of doggy heroism.

Take, for instance, Jazzy and Razor's story. The pair -- the former a Saint Bernard and the latter a Dachshund -- were best friends and de facto brothers, living at owner Tim Chavez's home in New Mexico.

When 9-year-old Jazzy ran away, Razor lost it. He escaped, determined to find and rescue his brother.

Amazingly, the tiny pup located his pal, who'd gotten stuck in a muddy irrigation ditch across a field from their home.

Razor stood by his brother and barked until help came, and rescue crews were able to pull the immobilized 180-pound dog out of the hole.

It took eight rescue workers to save the dog, who'd been trapped for nearly 18 hours -- but they wouldn't have been able to do it without Razor.

Chavez told KOAT News,

It really means a lot. You don't really realize how attached you are to your pets until something like this happens.

To commemorate Razor's bravery, the city council plans to honor the tiny pup with a certificate early next month.

Until then, Chavez hopes to locate his other dog, a pit bull named Layla, who escaped the same day Jazzy did.

Hopefully, she returns safe and sound as well so the family can be happily reunited once again.

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