This Dog Has Absolutely No Idea What To Do When Meeting A Robot Spider (Video)

by Liz Rowley

This adorable video of a dog interacting with a robotic spider is both adorable and hilarious.

The highlight might be around 30 seconds in, when a second dog comes to check out what all the fuss is about. He quickly and wisely retreats shortly thereafter.

Personally, I wouldn't mess with an arachnid of that size (robotic or otherwise) unless someone paid me a handsome fee.

The star of the show is "Cute Dog Maymo," whose YouTube channel boasts nearly 60 videos of Maymo, Maymo and more Maymo.

The titles of Maymo's videos vary: "Dog Rolls On Pickle: Cute Dog Maymo," "Tomfoolery Tuesday: Cute Dogs Amused by Towel" and "Dog Loves Blow Dryer."

So, if you've got the time and bandwidth to watch endless videos and are just tickled by Maymo's wacky behavior, you now know where to find him.