This Children's Book Called 'How A Baby Is Made' Will Scar Young Lives (Photos)

Do you know how babies are made?

If not, you're about to learn a lesson you'll never forget.

In 1975, one very daring publisher decided to publish children's book “How A Baby Is Made,” which, as the name implies, details the steps through which a woman gets pregnant, all in a series of creepily graphic illustrations.

How creepy? Like, smiling-baby-coming-out-of-vagina creepy.

It's hilarious, but be warned: After this, you'll never be the same again.

It starts out fine, with a loving couple.

And then goes from 0-100 instantly.

Uh... make that 1,000.

There's a lot of naked cartoon action.

And teeny, tiny testicles.

And finally, a moment of peace....

Turns into the worst thing you've ever seen.

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