Awesome Teen Took His 93-Year-Old Great-Grandmother As His Date To Prom (Photos)

Drew Holm needed special permission to bring his date to junior prom.

That's because the teen from Crothersville, Indiana asked an older woman, his 93-year-old great-grandmother, Katie Keith, to the dance.

WAVE 3 reports Holm wasn't excited about the teenage rite of passage and didn't have anyone to ask.

So when his great-grandmother insisted he go to the dance, Holm decided to take her as his date. According to KTRK-TV, Holm even gave her a specially printed invitation.

Although Keith initially thought of the dance as a joke, she agreed.

The elderly woman reportedly even lasted until 9:30 pm, dancing the early evening away with her beloved great-grandson.

Holm, who'd begun a relationship shortly after asking his great-grandmother to prom, spent the rest of the night with his girlfriend.

When asked about her evening, Keith remarked how different this prom was than the last one she attended in 1940.

Keith hoped her great-grandson would find a girl his age to take to prom but jokingly volunteered to be his date.


Even when he began dating someone shortly after asking Keith, the teen stood by his initial invitation.


The pair even coordinated ensembles.


Keith's second -- and final -- prom was also her most memorable.