Teen Boy With Down Syndrome Gets Asked To Prom In Sweetest Way Ever (Video)

Prom season is upon us, and that means only one thing: prom proposals.

Though we've already grown tired of these so-called “promposals,” we have to admit that this one -- out of Maryland's Glenelg High School -- really captured our hearts.

As you'll see in the video up top, Maisy recruited dozens of fellow students to help her ask James, who has Down syndrome, to be her date to the prom.

The students gathered in the school's gymnasium and invited James to join in on the fun.

Once he arrived, Maisy appeared and surprised the unsuspecting student with a sign that read: “James PROM?”

Over the cheering and clapping crowd of students, James excitedly accepted, making Maisy the luckiest lady in school.

Check out the super sweet promposal up top.

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