Teacher Caught Having Sex With Teen Student After His Ex-GF Exposes Her

A high school teacher in Danbury, Connecticut was arrested for reportedly having sexual relations with a student after saying the teen's ex-girlfriend was lashing out at her.

Kayla Mooney, 24, began teaching chemistry and physics at Danbury High School at the start of the 2014 school year.

A friendly relationship soon flourished with the 17-year-old male student invited her to a concert after school hours. Mooney arranged to pick up the boy after the concert on Halloween, Daily Mail reports.

According to the boy's statement, the two had sex her in a car for the first time.

NewsTimes reports Mooney picked the teen up from his house two weeks later and gave him alcohol. The two reportedly then had intercourse at the East Lake Reservoir.

Rumors started flying soon after. By December, they had become so rampant, Mooney complained to her two assistant principals.

She told them the "lies" were being spread by the teen himself, and it was becoming difficult for her to teach, so the principals asked to speak with the boy.

He said the rumors were false and suggested they were started by his friends, whom he would ask to keep their mouths shut.

Then, the 17-year-old's ex-girlfriend found out what happened.

She allegedly started calling Mooney insulting names, prompting the teacher to go to superiors yet again on February 6.

The ex-girlfriend was asked to explain herself to administrators and she told them what she heard.

They called the boy in, and this time, he couldn't lie.

The police report says,

(He) put his head in his hands and said that it happened twice.

A seven-week investigation uncovered emails between Mooney and the teen.

She was placed on "administrative leave" in February, and on March 31, she was charged with providing alcohol to a minor and second-degree sexual assault.

Mooney appeared in court on Monday, but her arraignment was postponed due to a request from her attorney for additional evidence.

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