Teacher Gets Fired After A Group Of Students Finds Her Porn Alias

by Emily Arata

The Internet and a group of crafty students were all it took to uncover the Czech pornographic film this teacher had filmed on the side.

Prague Post and local news source Mladá Fronta Dnes report the 35-year-old teacher from Česká Lípa was fired from her job April 30 after students found a "casting couch"-style porn video online and circulated it among their friends.

Word soon reached parents, who contacted administrators.

The woman, who identifies herself in the video as "Lucie," tells the interviewer she's signed up for the nude job as a way to try "something new" and she'd "like to found out what is this profession like."

The Daily Mail reports the woman claims she believed the setup to be that of an underwear modeling job.

"Lucie," who claims to be a mother of two in the video, told local media she was drugged with cocaine during filming, calling it a airborne "narcotic substance" that made her feel overly relaxed.

However, crime is ultimately the domain of law enforcement, not school administrators.

Prague Post translates school director Petr Jonáš as saying, "I'm very sorry, but we had to say 'goodbye' to her."

"We decided together that her teaching agreement with the school will end April 30."

The controversial story is reportedly still developing, leading Czech porn producers to defend their methods publicly.

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