Target Staff Members Help Nervous Teen Prepare For First Job Interview (Video)

The empathetic staff members of a North Carolina Target are receiving viral attention after calming a teenager's nerves before a very important job interview.

On Wednesday, Raleigh resident Audrey Mark snapped a photo of Target employee Dennis Roberts showing a young customer how to perfectly knot his tie.

The teenager, who came to the Target looking to purchase a clip-on tie for his interview at a nearby Chick-fil-A, was disappointed when employee Cathy Scott told him the store only sold traditional ties.

So, the teen ended up buying a "real" tie, and without hesitation, Roberts showed the teen how to wear it properly and gave him interview advice, reminding the boy to tuck in his shirt and give a business-like handshake.

The anxious young man reportedly left the store to cheers and support from the staff.

There's no word quite yet on the boy's name or whether he was hired, but Mashable reports he's set for a second interview.

Mark's Facebook post highlighted a sweet, simple moment of kindness.

Raleigh's WTVD soon picked up the story.

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