Study: Women Have More Sexual Fantasies Than Men - But Men's Are Raunchier

by Julian Sonny

A recent study confirms that almost all men and women fantasize about sex - almost 100 percent. However, the study also revealed that the intensity of sexual fantasies depends on the person's gender.

However, women have romantic fantasies more frequently than men at a few times a month.

But men beat women in the intensity category. Men more frequently fantasize about "out there" sexual activities, such as engaging in group sex, "being a swinger," and "participating in an orgy."

The study also found that both sexes have experienced "negative sexual fantasies."

Women think about "being forced to have sex" more frequently than men do. Men's negative fantasies typically involve homosexuality.

Both men and women fantasize about their partner or loved one.

Researchers sampled 2,250 Spanish people between the ages of 18 and 73 who had maintained a heterosexual relationship for at least six months.

A number of provincial ongoing training centers, adult education centers, Granada local library, and several University of Granada and Universidad Complutense schools collaborated in the study.

Results showed that almost 100 percent of men and women have experienced a "pleasant" sexual fantasy in their life, while 80 percent have experienced an unpleasant one.

Nieves Moyano Muñoz and Juan Carlos Sierra Freire conducted the study at the University of Granada's Department of Personality, Psychological Evaluation, and Treatment.

This is the first study of its kind in Spain.