Students Released Over 70,000 Ladybugs At School As A Senior Prank

This isn't a prank for the squeamish or insect-shy.

ABC News reports seven students were charged after breaking into Maryland's Chopticon High School and setting an estimated 72,000 ladybugs loose as part of a senior prank.

The beetles, which reportedly cost $100 among 75 students, were purchased online.

According to WUSA9, five masked students illegally entered the school in the early hours of last Wednesday to release the bugs while two friends waited in the car.

The next morning, school administrators were forced to call for backup from janitors working in nearby schools.

Although damage was minimal, one of the students involved was already banned from walking at graduation.

Chopticon class of 2015 had the best prank! Released hundreds of ladybugs in the hallways — † (@Janeth____) May 20, 2015

The decision sparked a protest from the high school's student body.

Seniors at Chopticon HS in Maryland released 72,000 ladybugs inside their schools hallways for senior prank.. — DC Maryland Virginia (@DMVFollowers) May 26, 2015

Four juveniles involved will reportedly be charged with disruption of school activities, fourth-degree burglary and less than $1,000 in property destruction.

Best part of the Chopticon protest — cheyglizzy (@Cheyenne_Hare) May 26, 2015

The remaining suspects will be charged by criminal summons.

I'm feeling this 2015 chopticon shirt @tpain_yo — LJ™ (@_NinetiesHippie) May 26, 2015

One astute Chopticon graduate even noted the incident was added to the school's Wikipedia page.

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