Students Nationwide Are Protesting Dress Codes With 'Crop Top Day'


Teens and parents across the nation are beginning to challenge the ridiculous double-standard of the school dress code in tons of awesome ways.

For those unfamiliar with the controversy, many maintain that dress codes — which tend to apply to female students only — promote body shaming and rape culture and communicate a dangerous message that female bodies are sexual objects.

This argument rang true earlier this week when 18-year-old Alexi Halket was sent to the principal's office at Toronto's Etobicoke School of the Arts for wearing a crop top that showed her midriff.

In response to the sexist dress code, Halket organized a school-wide event for the next day, a day that also happened to be her birthday. She asked her fellow students to wear crop tops to stand up in solidarity for their rights and their bodies.

On the Facebook event page for what Halket dubbed “Crop Top Day,” the student wrote,

Lots of students showed their support for the event and Crop Top Day's event page drew major attention on Facebook, racking up nearly 2,000 members and dozens of supportive posts.

Check out some inspiring photos from the female-friendly event below.

Halket's classmates stepped up and showed support for the feminist cause.

But it wasn't just Halket's classmates who showed support.

Students across the country joined the movement.

The event's #StandInSolidarity trend is huge on Twitter.

And there are hundreds of posts of support on social media.

The event also sparked conversation in Halket's school.

Halket's goal was to get people talking and get people thinking.

I'd say she did a damn good job.

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