Teen Pens Perfect Response After A Halter Dress Lands Her In Detention


Tired of the dress code seemingly designed to treat a woman as a sexual object under the male gaze, a 17-year-old Canadian student wrote her school's administrator a letter that's rapidly gone viral.

BuzzFeed reports Moncton, New Brunswick resident Lauren Wiggins donned a maxi dress with a halter top for school on Monday.

The outfit exposed a large back tattoo as well as two bra straps.

The Harrison Trimble High School senior wrote in a Facebook post that an administrator called her bare upper back and shoulders a "sexual distraction" for other students before assigning her detention.

CBC reports with her parents' support, Wiggins wrote a lengthy letter to her school's vice principal and posted it to Facebook on Monday.

The note, which merited a one-day suspension, alleges male students should learn to control themselves rather than their female peers having to cover up.

According to Global News, the high school's dress code prohibits bare shoulders, backs and midriffs along with halter and spaghetti straps.

This is Lauren. She turns 18 on Friday.

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She posed for a snapshot of the full-length dress that merited a detention and posted the photo and a short message on social media.

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Lauren also posted a copy of the letter she wrote to her high school's vice principal.

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Because of Lauren's post, people on the Internet are debating dress codes and feminism.

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