Girl Eats Insane Amount Of Food While Sleeping Due To Rare Disorder

by Emily Arata

Kate Archibald is the worst roommate you'll ever have. Once asleep, the 20-year-old college student eats everything within her reach.

Archibald has been diagnosed with nocturnal sleep-related eating disorder, which means she acts out her brain's conscious desires while catching Zs at night.

She's been known to chow down almost an entire cheese wheel while unconscious.

The college student told Daily Mail,

Basically, my body is conditioned to be hungry in the night and want food -- even if I don't. It's sleep-walking, rather than an actual eating disorder.

Although Archibald only recently started to understand her condition – reportedly a side effect of the Adderall she once took for ADHD – the undergrad has been stealing food since her days in boarding school.

Roommates used to accuse Archibald of eating all their snacks, and she'd vehemently deny their claims.

The mystery finally became clear during Archibald's first year at Scotland's University of Aberdeen, when a sudden inexplicable weight gain took her from a US size 6 to 12.

After waking up in a bed covered with wrappers from an empty chocolate box, Archibald began to understand why every roommate had resented her.

Two years later, Archibald simply waits for the morning to discover clues about what she's eaten the night before.

She's slightly allergic to peanuts, so a puffy face usually means Archibald devoured a nutty food she normally would avoid.

The student often wakes with chocolate across her face.

In an effort to cope with the condition, Archibald exclusively purchases healthy snacks and even locks herself in her bedroom at night.

If she happens to eat something of a roommate's, Archibald will run out to the grocery store in the morning to replace it.

Roommate Ellie Harding told The Tab, "If there's anything that we don't want her to eat we have to tell her."

"We just have to hope that her subconscious is listening and that she doesn't eat our good food."

Archibald hits the gym regularly to offset the hundreds of extra calories she's put in her body.

Her biggest fear? Being seen during one of the binge eating episodes, since she often sleeps in the nude.

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