Student Anonymously Features His Peers On Instagram In Amazing Way (Photos)

Social media, without a doubt, has a huge impact on high school students.

With platforms like Twitter and Instagram, there are more places where teens can be victims of bullying.

However, these forms of social media can also be used to empower one another, and that is just what Konner Sauve did.

The East Valley High School senior from Spokane Valley, Washington created an anonymous Instagram account dedicated to posting positive messages about his peers.

He explained to ABC News,

Everyone makes mistakes, and I wanted to focus on the better aspects of people.

For over a year, TheBenevolentOne3's true identity remained anonymous to his peers, and it wasn't until Sauve made his valedictorian speech that he revealed he was the one behind the inspirational account.

When he was asked why he decided to keep the account anonymous, he said,

I didn't want people to think, 'Oh it's just coming from someone we know.' It doesn't matter who's saying it. Just know you're recognized for [who] you are and [someone] believes in you. I hope that even with high school and rumors and drama, that they can look at people, even someone they don't like, and be able to view them without being too judgmental.

When talking about Sauve, one of his classmates, Emily Okelberry, said,

He's always going out of his way to make others feel better.

So he's not only a valedictorian, he's also an incredibly kind and considerate person? This kid is definitely going places.

“You work hard for what you want and don't complain, you work for it!”

“It is so refreshing and cool to see a young man not get distracted by the crazy things in life.”

“You may be extremely quiet, but you are so wonderfully sweet and generous to all those you meet.”

“I can tell you still work hard and do the best you can in all you do.”

“It is exciting to watch a wonderful student like you fighting for your success.”

“Through the beauty of who you are and the joy of what you do, I hope you fulfill your dreams over the course of this next year and these future years.”

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