Finally! Starbucks Is Starting Delivery Service In Seattle And NYC

Why is it that we have restaurant delivery, liquor delivery and even laundry delivery but no coffee delivery?

Sure, you can order a coffee from a takeout restaurant and it'll come with your meal, but very few coffee shops -- if any at all -- offer their own delivery.

As promised by Starbucks, that's all about to change.

By the end of 2015, customers in New York and Seattle will be able to order Starbucks coffee via the mobile app and have it hand-delivered to them.

In New York, the program -- dubbed the Green Apron -- will be available only in buildings that already have a Starbucks, like the Empire State Building and other high-profile office spaces.

Meanwhile in Seattle, the delivery service will be more traditional: Customers can order via the app and have their food and drinks brought to them so long as they fall within Starbucks' delivery range.

According to Chief Digital Officer Adam Brotman, there will be no minimum cost for orders, but all deliveries will come with a “flat fee” surcharge.

Customers can expect to receive their deliveries within half an hour. The rest of the details -- including hours of operation and delivery limits -- will be worked out in the second half of 2015 as the coffee giant races to launch its first program.

So, caffeine addicts, stay tuned: Soon, you'll be able to get everything without leaving your house. And that is a world worth living in, if you ask me.

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