Siri Gives The Perfect Response When Asked Why Fire Trucks Are Red (Photo)

There are many questions that garner silly and outlandish responses from the iPhone's Siri.

The Internet is full of tales of name-calling, jokes and incorrect answers from everyone's favorite quasi-robot.

When one Redditor asked Siri why fire trucks are red, he certainly didn't expect her answer to include English comedy legends Monty Python.

Siri’s response, based on the "Monty Pythonesque application of the principles of logic and etymology," will leave you baffled.

Puns aside, it seems that the question might have been too much for Siri.

In the comments following the post, Reddit users argue about the real reason fire trucks are red.

Siri’s response to the simple question leaves iPhone users wondering what other questions will trigger a funny reply.

via Imgur