Emotional Ad Pays Tribute To All The Single Moms On Father's Day (Video)

Angel Soft wants to make you cry super hard this Father’s Day.

With the holiday just around the corner, it seems like every company is trying its best to dissolve us into hysterics.

We know we're going to turn into a puddle of tears anytime we click on a Father's Day tribute, but we can't help but watch every single one.

It's like John Green is releasing a new three-minute visual novel every day.

The latest branded emotional roller coaster comes from Angel Soft -- the tissue company without those cartoon bears who only speak about the ins and outs of wiping -- that wants to give a shout out this Father's Day to single mothers.

Father’s Day takes on a whole different meaning when you’re raised in a single mother household.

Moms are forced to take on both roles, and Angel Soft pays a tearful tribute to that with touching testimonials from adults who grew up in houses without a dad around.

OK, fine! We're crying. Are you happy, Angel Soft? Is this what you wanted?