Big Booty Judy: This Woman's 7-Foot Booty Is Big Enough To Be An NBA Player

by Robert Gordon

There’s nothing quite like a big booty, but this one might even make Sir Mix-A-Lot blush.

Sarah Massey may have a strong case for the claim of the largest butt in the world, as, around its widest point, it’s spans over 7 feet.

The mother of two from Chicago loves her voluptuous size, even though it can be a distraction at times.

Albert Little, the father of her children, is certainly a fan of her big booty.

“I was attracted to her from what I seen at first,” he said, laughing. “A lot of woman!”

Although you may think the extra cushion would be comfortable for Sarah, it actually causes her back pain. While she sometimes thinks about losing weight, she doesn’t know if she’ll be able to. In order to pay for the hard-to-find clothes that fit her, Sarah takes photos of her big booty in lingerie and talks to her fans on webcam.