Scientists May Be Able To Get Rid Of Bad Memories While You Sleep

Scientists are one step closer to being able to enter our brains while we sleep and manipulate our memories, potentially having the power to erase painful experiences or turn them into positive ones.

The Huffington Post reports that innovative new research from the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and ESPCI ParisTech shows neuroscientists were successful in manipulating the memories of lab mice.

The researchers studied the brains of mice as they explored their surroundings throughout the day.

Later, as the mice slept, scientists went into the part of the brain associated with each location and placed an electrode on one neuron linked to a specific spot.

When the mice were thinking about that location, the scientists used another electrode in the area of the brain that processes rewards.

Basically, they tricked the mice into thinking they had received a reward at a specific place that didn't actually contain any treats.

According to the report, the mice ran to the location that was manipulated with positive memories immediately after waking up.

This groundbreaking research has huge implications, but science is still far from being able to tap into the human mind.

Still, this means that scientists may one day be able to alter our memories and do some incredible things, like alleviate the symptoms of trauma or post-traumatic stress disorder.

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