School Forces Girl To Cover Her Arms Because They're 'Sexual Objects'

by Sean Levinson
Local 12

An Ohio girl had to wear a jacket over her dress at a school dance because she was showing her bare arms.

According to a local news station, Ari Waters of Mt. Orab, OH, was excited to wear her yellow dress to the Valentine's Day dance at Mt. Orab Middle School.

Ari says a male teacher, however, deemed her dress provocative solely because it had no sleeves.

She and a friend wearing spaghetti straps were both apparently forced to put jackets over their clothing.

The seventh grader was so embarrassed, she called her mother to get her and claimed other girls in more revealing clothing weren't asked to put on another layer.

Gina Waters asked the school's vice principal for an explanation.

Waters told Local 12,

I said what's wrong with her bare arms? And she said 'they are sexual objects' and I said whoa, wait a minute.

Students were told several weeks before the dance to obey the school's dress code, which prohibits tank tops but says nothing about sleeveless dresses.

Three to six students, including Ari, had to put additional clothing on during the event due to sleeveless clothing.

Ari said,

I don't know how to describe it. I felt dirty and just really down and upset that she said that because through the whole night my friends were telling me, oh, your dress looks beautiful, you look so gorgeous today.

Waters believes the school owes her daughter an apology for implying that her male peers would turn into sex-crazed monsters upon the sight of her arms.

She said,

These middle schoolers are 10 years of age up to 13. They're kids. They're not sexual objects. They're not sexual beings. That word should never have been used and it should never have been associated with an arm, with a limb.

Mt. Orab principal Sabrina Armstrong denies her vice principal used the phrase "sexual objects" but supports the decision to cover up the dress.

She released a statement suggesting she finds the school's dress code to be very clear, even though it certainly seems vague.

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