Ryanair's Announcement Of $21 Transatlantic Flights Was Total BS

Earlier this week, it was reported Irish airline Ryanair would be offering flights between Europe and the US for about $11 to $21.

This has turned out be entirely untrue.

According to the Irish Independent, Ryanair issued a statement yesterday morning that its board never gave the green light for launching transatlantic flights and does not plan to anytime soon.

CEO Michael O'Leary said reports that his airline would be shuttling passengers to and from 14 European and US cities by the end of the decade were "a miscommunication."

The media allegedly got the crazy idea during an interview with Ryanair's chief marketing officer on Monday.

USA Today reports  no one at Ryanair was available to retract the offer earlier because they were celebrating St. Patrick's day on Tuesday.

O'Leary was also traveling on Wednesday, so he didn't hear about the false information until a board meeting in Milan on Thursday.

O'Leary said,

Ryanair had 'f*cked up.'

The airline, which is Ireland's second-largest company, is expected to launch transatlantic flights, but its involvement will be limited to majority ownership.

Such flights will instead be carried out by a partnering company with a completely separate name.

In terms of prices, O'Leary hopes tickets for flights between Europe and the US will be the equivalent of about $97.

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