Russian Women Face Jail Time For Twerking In Front Of WWII Memorial (Video)

There are certain things in life that simply don't mix: oil and water, orange juice and toothpaste, suggestive dancing and the memories of people who died fighting to protect their home in WWII.

That last one is particularly relevant in this situation.

Three women from the Russian town of Novorossiysk are facing up to 15 days in prison for a promotional twerking video they shot in front of a WWII memorial and decided to put on the Internet.

There are a few ways you can describe the decision to shake your butt in front of a sculpture commemorating the lives lost in a battle against the Nazis, and "in poor taste" is one of the milder ones.

Unfortunately, "poor taste" has a legal definition in Russia. It's known as "hooliganism" because Russia is just a crotchety old man yelling at kids from his porch.

Fortunately for these girls, their only agenda was to shake the collection of fat cells attached to the back of their pelvises, so they received short sentences.

The members of Pussy Riot were not so lucky and were punished more severely because they had something to say other than "these are our butts."