Restaurant Owner Sees Person Digging In Trash, Leaves Note For Free Meal


A sandwich shop owner with a heart of gold couldn't turn her back on a struggling neighbor.

KFOR reports Ashley Jiron, owner of PB Jams in Warr Acres, Oklahoma, reached out to a member of the community she'd noticed digging through her restaurant's garbage cans.

She posted a sign in PB Jams' front window and one on the dumpster, welcoming in the hungry visitor for a free meal whenever he or she wishes.

Jiron told local media she first suspected someone was going hungry after seeing her shop's trash bags ripped open.

She said it "hurt" her to think of someone suffering with food so close by, adding,

I think we've all been in that position where we needed someone's help and we just needed someone to extend that hand and if I can be that one person to extend that hand to another human being then I will definitely do it...I will not take down that sign until they come in.

So far, Jiron hasn't had any takers.

But, she hasn't given up hope just yet.

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