The Mystery Of The 2 Ways To Answer Your iPhone Is Finally Solved

Fear not, iPhone users; there is an explanation for even the weirdest of actions your smartphone performs.

While I'm usually of the opinion it's best not to examine tech toys too closely (if you avoid direct eye contact, it will just keep working), Business Insider recently brought to light the solution to something of an iPhone mystery.

At seemingly random times, the phone will present you with a “slide to answer” screen in response to a telephone call, while at other times, you're greeted with “accept” and “decline” options.

It turns out the iPhone's response isn't arbitrary at all: When the phone is locked, you'll see “slide to answer.”

If the phone is in use or the screen isn't locked when you receive a phone call, the “accept” and “decline” options will appear.

It's not magic, just security.

And if you're wondering how to decline a call when you're only presented with a swipe bar, press the lock button twice.

The first push silences the phone while the second rejects the call.

Here's what your iPhone screen looks like when a friend calls while it's locked.

If the phone is in use, you'll see "accept" and "decline" options.

The distinction only seems arbitrary.

There's logic behind the choice, after all.

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