Real-Life Forrest Gump Is Running All The Way From California To Maine


For Barclay Oudersluys, “Forrest Gump” is more than a beloved character or the title of his favorite film: It's his inspiration.

Oudersluys, who hails from Michigan, recently set off on an ambitious cross-country run, following in the footsteps of his fictional hero.

Oudersluys told the Detroit Free Press the idea to attempt the 3,200-mile journey came to him on a whim.

He said,

He's also raising money for charity: His goal is to raise $10,000 for The Hall Steps Foundation, a nonprofit focused on public health and poverty in developing countries.

Since beginning his trip on May 9, Oudersluys already raised nearly $3,500. By the time he finishes his 100-day journey on August 16, he will have probably raised more than his $10,000 goal.

Oudersluys hopes his determination will catch the attention of Tom Hanks, the actor who played Gump in the 1994 film.

He admitted,

You can keep up with Oudersluy's cross-country race by following his Twitter and donate to his charitable cause here.

Oudersluys told New York Daily News, "[Forrest Gump] had a really interesting life, and I'm trying to copy that."

He runs at least 30 miles each day.

And each night, he sleeps in a van.

Keep track of his travels on Twitter.

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