Uh Oh: Public Hipster Sex Is Ruining The Summer For Montauk Residents

by Eitan Levine

Exhibitioning hipsters are driving Montauk natives crazy.

Residents of the Long Island suburb say their quiet town is slowly becoming the go-to spot for hipsters looking for the Hamptons experience without paying South Fork prices.

The situation reached critical mass the weekend of July 4 when, according to residents, the town was overrun by partiers consuming mass amounts of alcohol, urinating in bushes and having sex on the sides of the roads.

One Montauk resident reportedly spoke up at a recent East Hampton Town Board meeting and said,

They are an invasive species — and we need pest control!

A hotel owner even claimed he hired two off-duty security guards to watch his property from 12 am to 6 am in order to ensure the vacationing hoards wouldn't destroy anything.

Though Montauk is technically part of the Hamptons, it is commonly known as the UnHamptons for its fishing community and relaxed “surfer” vibe.

To maintain this atmosphere, Montauk locals would enjoy a more manageable demographic of tourists to visit their town.

Residents are lobbying for local government to force bars to stop serving alcohol by 2 am and close down "rowdy" nightclubs.

They are also asking the county to get more strict when it comes to illegally parked cars, and they want a registry created to start listing renters living in Montauk.

A community action Facebook page called Montauk Locals was set up for residents to talk about ways to get the situation back under control.

Is this a small isolated incident or is Montauk witnessing the dawn of the d-bag hipsters? I guess only time will tell.

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