Professor Tried To Fail Entire Class Because No One 'Deserved To Pass'

A business professor at Texas A&M Galveston was so disgusted with his class' behavior that he decided to fail every single one of them.

According to KPRC, Irwin Horwitz sent a long and scathing email to his Strategic Management class telling all three dozen or so students they would be receiving failing grades.

The email read,

None of you, in my opinion… deserve to pass, or graduate to become an Aggie, as you do not in any way embody the honor that the university holds graduates should have within their personal character.

Horwitz recalled students telling him to "get out of my space," calling him a "f*cking moron" and blatantly lying when it came to attendance records, reports Inside Higher Education.

The class was apparently completely unable to follow directions even when it came to the most basic assignments.

He said most of them couldn't comprehend a "break-even analysis," which requires figuring out how much production is needed to draw a profit.

Horwitz added he had never seen such flagrant carelessness and disrespect in his 20 years of teaching.

He said,

This class is unique. I have never failed a class, it is very rare that I fail students, sometimes learning incorporates tough love.

He also said students started false rumors about him online and became so threatening both in and out of class that the school had to hire security guards.

Horwitz, who is new to the university, couldn't bear being in that room anymore, so he has relinquished his position to a department head for the remainder of the semester.

Not every student was a nuisance, Horwitz said, which is why he asked his superiors if he could go on teaching those "few" exceptions.

The request was denied.

Texas A&M Vice President of Academic Affairs Patrick Louchouarn told KPRC that the school will not accept the failing grades.

He said,

None of them have failed until the end of the class, meaning the only reason a student would fail because he or she has not performed the expectations for that particular class.

The university is currently investigating Horwitz's claims about the actions of his students.

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