Heroic Police Officer Helps Struggling Woman Finish A 10K Race

One runner's last leg of a race -- part of her incredible weight-loss journey -- was made a little bit easier by an unlikely helping hand in uniform.

Asia Ford may have came in last place at the Rodes City Run 10K race in Louisville, KY, but her story is the most popular news to come out of the event.

She had been training after entering the race as one of her most recent fitness challenges. Ford has dropped 200 pounds in the past two years, originally weighing 474 pounds, in an effort to get back to being healthy.

But the race proved tough, and when Louisville Metro Police Lt. Aubrey Gregory saw Ford struggling to complete the last two miles, he assisted her by helping her walk the rest of the way instead of following the race in his squad car.

It's inspiring that Gregory saw the woman struggling and decided to assist. What may have just been a notable duty an officer felt obliged to perform was a miracle for another human being.

Ford later described Lt. Gregory as her "angel."

Lt. Gregory described the race as a memory he will never forget.

The Louisville mayor will recognize Ford and Lt. Gregory in a ceremony this week.

This is exactly what our officers should stand for.

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