A Ginger Plotted To Kill Prince Charles So There'd Be A Redheaded King

A redheaded man reportedly wanted to kill Prince Charles so his ginger son, Prince Harry, would become king.

According to Yahoo! News, 37-year-old Mark Colborne of Southampton, England was arrested in June 2014 after his half-brother found chemicals and written plans revealing his murderous intentions.

On Monday, prosecutor Annabel Darlow told the Old Bailey court,

[Colborne] perceived himself as marginalised and belittled by society because he was a white, ginger-haired male.

In a statement, Colborne's half-brother said he came across diary entries about bullies targeting the suspect over his hair.

According to Yahoo! News, the defendant additionally wrote he hated anyone who didn't have an Aryan appearance, referring to lightly colored skin, hair and eyes.

Daily Mail reports he bought chemicals to make explosives and planned to use them in a mass attack on ethnic minorities.

Also among Colborne's plans were his desires to murder Prince Charles and Prince William.

According to Colborne's diary, this would cement his legacy as a "fully-transformed military terrorist" notorious for "striking at the hearts of the dark-haired, dark-eyed Caucasian race."

He also wrote,

I would sacrifice my life for that one shot. Kill Charles and William and Harry become king. Kill the tyrants.

It appears Colborne wanted Prince Harry to become king because of his similar features.

He continued,

If I had the right weapon, military grade sniper rifle, I would take out Prince Charles and a few others for the sake of the Aryan people.

Prince Charles is the oldest son of Queen Elizabeth II and next in line to become king.

He will be succeeded by Prince William, who would then be followed by his two children, George and Charlotte.

Prince Harry, William's younger brother, is fifth in line for the throne.

Colborne denied any intentions of preparing terrorist acts.

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