Photo Of Couple Married For 60 Years Shows What True Love Looks Like


Love is a feeling that's not easily defined; when it's real, you just know.

This photo of lifelong couple Frank and Carolyn LeMunyon, however, comes pretty close to capturing what it means to be in love.

In the photo -- posted to Reddit earlier this week by the couple's granddaughter, Kelsey -- Frank sits at his wife's bedside, watching over her as she suffers from stage 4 cancer.

Carolyn has been hospitalized for several weeks following a cancer-related infection, according to Kelsey.

Though Frank himself faces health problems -- the 85-year-old was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease -- he visits his wife of over 60 years in the hospital every day.

Kelsey told Huffington Post,

Although my grandma spends most of the visit asleep, my grandpa doesn't mind, he just wants to be with her.

She added,

Although things have been difficult...they have leaned on their love of each other and used the support of their family to spend every day together.

See the touching photo below.

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