Woman Overcomes Two Traumatic Accidents To Become Personal Trainer (Photos)

After a car accident and a boat explosion left Kellie Mencel with burns and trauma, the then-teenager found her inner strength.

BuzzFeed reports the 22-year-old Adelaide, Australia woman has since become a personal trainer, embracing a passion she developed while healing from her injuries.

In 2009, Mencel reportedly fell asleep while driving a car at about 60 mph.

The vehicle flipped over five times, landing an unconscious Kellie in emergency medical care.

As a treat one week after the accident, her parents took her away to their riverside cabin.

There, the family struggled to start the boat's engine. The motor combusted, catching the young woman in the ensuing blaze.

What followed was a two-year healing process to treat both Mencel's burns and her physical injuries.


She reportedly underwent therapy to re-learn basic walking and had to moisturize her skin at least five times a day.


Mencel was left without eyebrows and, underneath her injured exterior, she fought depression.

Mencel says working out kept both her mind and body strong throughout the whole process.

She also relied upon her family, telling BuzzFeed how careful her mother was to help her in any way possible.

Today, Mencel is a professional trainer.

And after undergoing years of teasing from classmates, she built up a tough exterior.

Mencel's Instagram documents her commitment to mindfulness and healthy eating.

With the ongoing support of her longtime girlfriend, Mencel has rebuilt her life for the better.

In a recent Instagram post, Mencel explained, "...the scars I have today [are] what keeps me strong... a guardian angel saved me two times, I'm here for a reason."

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