People React Horribly When A 'Homeless' Man Offers Them Money (Video)

Youtube prankster Yousef of Fousey Tube recently conducted a social experiment to gauge perception of — and treatment of — the homeless.

Yousef begins the video saying,

In today's society, it's socially acceptable for the wealthy to give money to the homeless.

He adds,

Is it socially acceptable because it's one individual helping another? Or because one individual is better than the other, so it's okay to help?

Posed as a homeless person, Yousef sat on the side of the street in Los Angeles — but instead of asking strangers for money, he'd give strangers money, saying he “just wanted to lend a helping hand."

His end goal was to teach humility; kindness and optimism will always be more important than wealth.

Unfortunately, most people responded to the experiment horribly, confirming Yusef's suspicion that American culture is morally bankrupt.

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