Pastor Lee's Story: This Incredible Man Has A Drop Box For Unwanted Babies In South Korea, And It Will Break Your Heart (Video)

by Robert Gordon

Every year, hundreds of newborn babies are abandoned in the streets of Seoul, South Korea, leaving them helpless and hopeless, because without proper care, their survival is impossible.

That is, if it weren't for Pastor Lee Jong-Rak, who has made it his life mission to save the lives of as many unwanted and unloved children as possible.

In 1987, Pastor Lee sold his home and nearly all his possessions to give everything he possibly could so his newborn son, Eun-Man, would have a chance at life.

Eun-Man was born with Cerebral Palsy, and doctors gave him a very small probability of living.

Pastor Lee, however, refused to give up, and he gave everything he could to provide life for his son, virtually living in the hospital with him.

He developed a reputation for being a “lover of the unlovable,” so much so that a woman begged Pastor Lee to adopt her disabled daughter, and he did.

Eventually getting a home of his own, Lee, who knew about the hundreds of babies dumped in the streets every year, placed a motion censor drop box for unwanted babies in his wall.

He thought surely nobody would use the box, but they did, time and time again.

Now, a documentary is in the works to help spread Pastor Lee’s incredible story, and to fund one of the most noble causes you’ll ever hear about. This man, who had virtually nothing, has the power of the world in his hands, providing life to those who were unfairly given up on.

If you want to donate to the cause, click here.

h/t: Faith It