Passenger Writes Heartfelt Letter To Pilots Who Got Her Home Safely (Photo)


Pilots fly passengers thousands of feet into the air and land massive airplanes, but they rarely receive more than a cursory "thanks" at the door.

After last week's Germanwings plane crash at the hand of its copilot, a traveler, known only as Bethanie, penned a note to her pilots during a flight.

The handwritten note, tweeted by the pilots' colleague, Jai Dillon, shows an incredible amount of compassion for airline employees doing a difficult – but often thankless – job.

Dillon was reached out to for comment, but he declined to share names or locations for security reasons.

He added, however,

Perhaps we all owe our pilots a little more thanks for the challenging job they do.

Dillon, a pilot himself, shared the letter on Twitter.

The full letter reads:

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