This Owner Taught Her Deaf Dog Sign Language And It's Amazing (Video)

I've always wondered what my cats would say to me if they could speak.

I think most pet owners share the same "Dr. Doolittle"-esque fantasy: Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to talk with animals?

Well, one pet owner named Olivia Marks made that fantasy a reality.

Though Bambi the Chihuahua was born deaf, his human family wanted to find a way to “talk” to him.

Using the same communication techniques deaf humans are taught -- American Sign Language -- Marks successfully trained the now 7-month-old pup.

In the video up top, Marks demonstrates, ordering Bambi to sit, stand, beg and roll over via sign language alone.

And that the puppy knows even more sign language than seen in the video.

According to Marks,

He's learning quickly. For example, by signing 'where' plus a name, he knows to go look for someone [or] something specific.

Marks hopes that her and Bambi's video will inspire other pet owners to teach their deaf animals sign language.

For the first time ever, the concept of advanced communication between animals and humans doesn't seem so far-fetched -- and we think that is pretty damn cool.

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