NYPD Visits Emergency Room To Give Teens Hit By Car Jaywalking Tickets

Two Brooklyn teenagers were issued jaywalking tickets while they were in the hospital being treated for injuries that occurred when a car hit them in the middle of the street.

Beanca Moise and Jo-Anna Thiboutot stepped out to cross Flatbush Avenue in Sheepshead Bay on March 14, according to The New York Post.

A car hit them as they crossed the bustling street, causing each to suffer bone fractures along with serious cuts and bruises.

The teens were at Kings County Hospital for no more than an hour when two police officers arrived at the emergency room.

Beanca's father, Reginald Moise, said of his daughter's condition,

She was in a hospital bed. There were doctors all over her, giving her IVs and this and that.

Jo-Anna remained in a stretcher and was still bleeding from several large gashes.

But the teens' parents said the officers would not let the suffering at hand stop them from following orders.

They gave summonses to Beanca's father and Jo-Anna's mother because their children had jaywalked.

Moise said,

I told him it was stupid and I didn't understand. He told me, 'That's Mayor de Blasio's no-tolerance policy.'

The officers were referring to de Blasio's "Vision Zero" initiative, which apparently instructs officers to show no leniency when it comes to jaywalking and careless driving.

Jaywalking summonses have increased to approximately 2,000 a year, which is about four times more than before the policy was instated.

But a mayoral spokesman told the Post the officers seem to have misinterpreted de Blasio's intentions.

The spokesman said,

There is no such thing as a 'zero tolerance' policy on jaywalking. Enforcement decisions are made precinct by precinct as commanding officers see fit, based on conditions they see on the ground.

A witness of the accident told police that driver Edwin Lawrence had the right of way, therefore he will not be penalized for hitting the girls.

Lawrence, 43, is being sued by the victims' families, who have hired a lawyer to challenge the two tickets.

Beanca will be on crutches for another two months due to a series of fractures and contusions to her leg.

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