Worst Uber Ride Ever Leaves Woman With $16,000 Bill For A 7-Mile Ride

In the course of 36 minutes, Jaime Hessel's relationship with the car service Uber was ruined.

Hessel's transportation horror story went viral after her boyfriend posted screenshots from the trip to Reddit.

She called an Uber driver on March 28, and she told Gothamist the experience was miserable.

Thanks to the confused driver's malfunctioning GPS, he took a maze-like route from Williamsburg to Manhattan.

According to Hessel, the man even tried reversing out of an interstate ramp. By the time she arrived at her destination, she was already annoyed.

But, that's nothing compared to how Hessel felt upon seeing her almost 7-mile ride become a $12,200 charge.

Hessel's credit card linked to the account was due to expire, however, preventing the charge from being placed on it.

Unbelievably, the situation got even worse. The drive -- originally estimated at $56.40 -- soon became a $16,000 bill with a $41.09 credit taken off of it.

As Hessel struggled to explain her situation to Uber's email-only customer service, she repeatedly heard the amount was due to a decimal point error.

As of 10 am Tuesday morning, Gothamist reports the balance on Hessel's account stands at $16,251.49, but an Uber representative told her she will be fully reimbursed.

Hessel, understandably, has no plans to add a new credit card to her account just yet.

Uber showed Hessel's charge as $56.40 before hiking it up past $12,000.

Then, the fare surged even higher to more than $16,000.

Uber assured Hessel she'll be refunded for the full trip, but that reportedly hasn't happened yet.

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