Nigerian Restaurant Shut Down After Authorities Discover It Was Serving Roasted Human Heads

A restaurant in Nigeria was forced to shut down after health officials found out it was selling human meat.

According to the New York Daily News, Anambra police recovered at least two freshly-kept human heads when they arrested 11 people at the restaurant, including the owner. Police were led to the restaurant by an anonymous tip.

The heads were found in cellophane sheets.

Police also seized two Ak-47 rifles along with dozens of rounds and other weapons.

Locals said they were not surprised to discover the restaurant had been shut down.

“We always saw weird people coming and going,” a group of Anambra residents said.

A pastor said that he thought the workers were kidding when they once told him he had eaten human flesh.

“I ate at the restaurant and the bill was very high. The workers told me that I ate human flesh. I was shocked,” the pastor said.

Police looked at the restaurant's menu to find "roasted human head" as an item.

The only question we'd have to ask now is: If you were ever served human meat, would you even know it?

H/T: New York Daily News, Top Photo Courtesy: We Heart It