The New Bubble Wrap Won't Pop, And Everything Is Wrong With The World

Well, this is stupid.

Sealed Air -- the maker of Bubble Wrap -- recently unveiled a new design for its beloved product, but there's one serious flaw: It doesn't pop.

The new and (not at all) improved iBubble Wrap is sold flat then inflated by the companies that use it for shipping.

According to The Wall Street Journal, a single truckload of iBubble Wrap can protect as much material as 47 truckloads of regular Bubble Wrap, therefore cutting down on waste and negative environmental impact.

Instead of boasting little air pockets like traditional bubble wrap, iBubble stores air in columns: If you press the column, it won't pop, but rather, the air will shift over to a different connected column.

Fortunately, Sealed Air will continue making the good ol' fashioned Bubble Wrap for those of us who enjoy the release of bursting the bubbles, so to speak.

Because let's be real, nobody gives a sh*t about its duty as a packaging material. It's all about the pop, baby.

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