This Nerdy High School Kid Went From Making $6 Per Hour To A $38 Million Marijuana Operation

by Sean Levinson

Today marks the release of the film "Kid Cannabis," the true story of a chubby outcast from Idaho who became a multi-millionaire smuggling weed over the Canadian border.

The life of 19-year-old Nate Norman was not so much groomed for success. He dropped out of high school, smoked way too much weed, delivered pizzas for a living and was constantly teased for his resemblance to the Keebler Elf.

Accepting that he had nothing to lose, Nate and his buddy Topher Clark decided to add some excitement to their lives by bringing a pound of weed through the woods over the nearby border, The New York Post reports.

The operation was a success, and it led them to a wealthy Canadian supplier who hired the two to regularly take the same trip the opposite way for some cash.

Norman and Clark recruited six more people and found camouflage suits that made them look like forest animals.

A few years later, Nate Norman had smuggled nearly seven tons of weed and made himself roughly $38 million in the process. The former nobody had created a life of luxury and excess filled with all the parties and women he could ever ask for.

Police knew about the operation but had much more dangerous drug situations, like those involving meth, to focus on a marijuana smuggler.

Norman's arrest became a top priority, however, when a man hired to kill him turned on his employer, a rival dealer, and murdered him instead.

A 21-year-old Norman was sentenced to 12 years in prison in 2004. He was granted an early release and is currently living under home confinement in Couer d'Alene, Idaho, where he grew up.

Director John Stockwell visited Norman when he heard his story. He was stunned to hear Norman tell him that he doesn't regret what he did one bit.

“The irony of the story is, almost all the kids, when asked if they would do it again, said absolutely. It was the best time of their lives," Stockwell told the Post.

Here's the trailer for the film, which was shot in a real marijuana facility in Canada and stars Jonathan Daniel Brown as Nate Norman.

via New York Post, Photo Courtesy: Facebook