WTF? Mother Of Twins Finds Out Her Kids Actually Have Different Fathers

One New Jersey woman is making national headlines after a state-ordered paternity test revealed her twins were fathered by two different men. 

Called superfecundation, the biological rarity reportedly happens once in every 13,000 paternity cases of twins. Accurate statistics, however, are notoriously hard to gather.

The woman, known only as "T.M.," applied for public assistance and named one man as the father of her twins. But during her testimony, she admitted that within a week of sleeping with her partner, she had sex with another man.

The judge ordered a paternity test, which revealed the improbable truth: Her babies, although twins, have different fathers.

The man she'd originally named as the father of both twins will only have to pay child support for the twin he fathered.

Pretty crazy, huh? You learn something new every day.

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