Mom Posts Picture Of Belly After People Tell Her She Has 'Perfect Body'


South Carolinian mother Kimberly Henderson is making headlines after posting a body-positive photo of her beautiful belly to Facebook.

The photo, shared nearly 11,000 times in a matter of days, features the musician and mother-of-four exposing her flat but well-worn stomach.

After giving birth to her children, Henderson lost her six pack and gained the tell-tale signs of motherhood: loose abdominal skin and stretch marks. As a result, she felt incredibly self-conscious.

But now, the mother says she loves her belly, and she thinks all mothers should celebrate their powerful child-bearing bodies, no matter what they look like.

The photo's inspiring caption says,

Henderson, who was rejected from "American Idol" three times, also made headlines last year when a video surfaced of her singing “How Will I Know” to her daughter in the middle of the night.

Along with spreading a body-positive message, Henderson hopes her recent publicity will allow her to connect with her own mother, who left her when she was just 11 years old.

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