Job Hunting? It Turns Out You're Most Likely To Get Hired On A Tuesday

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Looking for a job?

Your best bet is to schedule those interviews for Tuesday: According to a survey conducted by job-search platform SmartRecruiters, the majority of new jobs are posted — and landed — on the second day of the work week.

In a study of over 270,000 career postings, SmartRecruiters found over 21 percent of job acquisitions take place on Tuesdays, while 20 percent happen on Thursdays and just over 19 percent on Mondays.

Similarly, a fifth of all job listings are posted on Tuesdays, while the remainder tend to be spread evenly throughout the week.

According to Jason Buss, SmartRecruiter's head innovation officer, the reason for this is simple:

Hiring managers are getting caught up after the weekend, and by Tuesday they're putting together offers.

Other ways to stay on top of the job-hunt game: Apply early in the day (between 11 am and 2 pm), and as soon after the listing is posted as possible.

So, although many offers are sent on Tuesdays, the timeframe in which you apply has more of an impact on if you're hired than the actual day of the week does.

Buss adds,

Competition within the first few days is highest. It's about who gets in early, who's networking, who gets in contact with the hiring managers.

Happy hunting!

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