Mom Apparently Plays Naked Twister And Has Sex With Her Daughter's BF

Most high schools had at least one Cool Mom who turned a blind eye to (or openly endorsed) underage drinking and the various activities associated with it.

However, yours probably didn't have one who played naked Twister at a party before having sex with two of the teenagers in attendance -- including her daughter's 16-year-old boyfriend.

I promise you this is very real, not the plot to an upcoming Lifetime movie (at least until someone makes this into a Lifetime movie).

According to Savannah Now, police arrested 35-year-old Rachel Lynn Lehnardt on two charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, which is one of the more polite euphemisms I've ever heard.

Police say Lehnardt allowed her daughter to have a party and made sure there was enough weed and alcohol to go around before the aforementioned acts were committed.

She allegedly showed her daughter pornographic pictures of her having sex with the  16-year-old boyfriend.

I may have been wrong about this becoming a Lifetime movie because this sounds like the plot of softly lit movie playing on Showtime at 1 am on a Tuesday.

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