Mom Freaks Out After Son Comes Home After Years Of Being Abroad (Video)

When this woman's son surprised her after two years abroad, she could only curse and embrace him.

Harry McGurk, 25, is quite the traveler.

After the London man spent months on end exploring Southeast Asia and Australia, he noticed the expiration date on his passport drawing near.

Instead of calling his mother to let her know he was on the way back to the family home, McGurk just showed up at her door.

McGurk laughed at the ensuing hysterics, telling the Daily Mail Australia,

It was a great reaction to see from her... I don't know why she called me the c word – it was the first thing that came to her mind but I'm glad I got to surprise her.

If this is how prodigal sons are treated, I'd certainly hate to see how she reacts to an unwelcome visitor.