Minecraft Creator Made $2.5 Billion After Sending A Super Casual Tweet

Sweden's Markus Persson created a billion-dollar game but was oddly casual when he asked if anyone wanted to take it off his hands.

That game is Minecraft (you've probably heard of it), and last June, Persson became overwhelmed by the attention it was bringing him.

So he took to Twitter to explore his options for potential buyers:

Anyone want to buy my share of Mojang so I can move on with my life? Getting hate for trying to do the right thing is not my gig. — Markus Persson (@notch) June 17, 2014

It was only a few minutes after the message was sent that the CEO of Mojang, which owns the game, received a call from someone at Microsoft, offering $2.5 billion for Minecraft, according to Engadget.

Although he accepted that offer, Persson was also contacted by Activision Blizzard and Electronic Arts but turned them both down, citing policy disagreements as his reason for refusing the latter.

Forbes wrote that Persson has since been carelessly blowing his fortune on nightclubs and has supposedly racked up tabs amounting to $180,000.

But the Swede tweeted that he couldn't even do that if he tried.

The interest on the $1.5 billion he took home from the sale is increasing so rapidly, he said, that there aren't enough parties in the world to spend it on.

Persson isn't the only one to have made billions off a tweet.

It was recently revealed that Ryan Graves became the first employee of Uber by tweeting to its current CEO, who had used the social network to advertise the then-unknown company.

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