Man Is Completely Mesmerized By His Girlfriend's Color-Changing Hair (Video)

Earlier this year, the Internet went batsh*t crazy over a photograph of a dress some saw as white and gold and others saw as black and blue.

It was eventually revealed the lighting in the photo created an optical illusion, causing people's brains to perceive the colors differently ("The Dress," it turns out, is really black and blue).

Recently, a similar optical illusion emerged on the Internet, and it focused on the changing colors of Sabrina Abu-Obeid's dyed hair.

Abu-Obeid's boyfriend, DJ Monopoli, noticed her tresses appeared to change from violet to periwinkle to a purplish pink in different lighting.

He was, unsurprisingly, amazed.

The couple, who together form the band TeraBrite, posted a video of the crazy color trick to Imgur, and to their surprise, it racked up nearly a million views in just two days.

Check it out up top, and tell us what color you think her hair really is.

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